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Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Firstly, I would like to tell you, that I had mixed feelings about visiting Elephant Sanctuary. I had doubts that it is ethical. I’ve read many articles and I’ve seen many photos of elephant cruelty and their bad treatment. A lot of tourists think that riding on elephants is a fun attraction. But sincerely, this stupid and irresponsible activity caused a lot of harm to them.

I hope I will shock you, but more than thousands of elephants – including babies – are held captive in elephant’s tourist attractions known as ‘orphanages’ or ‘parks’. Babies elephants have huge sale value, so they are taken from their mothers and families in the wild. They are illegally captured. Unfortunately, the number of captured elephants is still growing. And do you know why? Because tourists are still uninformed. They think that it is a great attraction for them. It is so sad, but elephants are beaten into submission and forced to let travelers take rides on their backs.

Before choosing the Elephant Sanctuary, I’ve read many opinions about each place. Places that allow riding on elephants was immediately rejected. I know, that the elephant’s place is in the wild. Sincerely, I hope that all of these sanctuaries truly help those captured elephants and do all the best to make their lives easier. I hope that our money will assist in rescuing another innocent elephant.

Lanna Elephant Sanctuary

I’ve chosen the Lanna Elephant Sanctuary. It is a small sanctuary with 6 rescued elephants. The sanctuary has a trained staff to care about them. Their goal is to rescue more elephants from the circus and riding camps.

In the sanctuary, elephants have a large enclosure close to the river and rice paddies with beautiful mountain views. They can roam around, bath and play in a river. It looked like they are happy.

We spent 4 hours in Lanna Elephant Sanctuary. We had the opportunity to learn about Thai elephants. I found out what is the difference between Thai and African elephants. Additionally, we could feed them, make them vitamin balls, taking part in elephant mud spa and bath them. It was an unbelievable experience and adventure. In the beginning, I felt a little stressed when feeding them, but later I was bathing with them easily. I enjoyed the time with elephants.

More information about the Lanna Elephant Sanctuary, you can find at the official website.

The sanctuary offers different tours. The prices start from 2 500 THB (75 EUR). The tour includes pick up and drop off, lunch and drinking water and time with elephants.

In the end, once again, please, remember, the elephant is not for riding on it.

Would you like to find out more about my visit in Elephant Sanctuary in Chang Mai? Don’t hesitate to contact with me.

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