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Reaching the top of Mount Korab

I know how difficult was finding information about the Mount Korab hiking trail, so I decided to get all essential together and write this post.

Mount Korab is the highest peak of the eponymous mountain range of two countries, Macedonia and Albania. Additionally, it is also the fourth highest mountain entirely located in the Balkan Peninsula. It reaches 2 764 meters above sea level.

Reaching the top of the mountain was the best spent time in Macedonia. 5 hours of climbing, and 2 hours of climbing down with amazing and breathtaking views. It wasn’t easy to reach the top, but spending time among mountains and nature was absolutely worth it.

Starting point

The trail to the top of Mount Korab starts close to the border tower ‘Pobeda’ – Strezimir. There is only one inconvenience while getting there. The road is not asphalted and not in very good condition. Don’t worry, it is do-able with a normal car.

Driving on the main road from Mavrovo Anovi towards Vrbjani village through Trnica, you should turn right and cross the bridge. It’s the only road to Nichpur village. The distance to the border tower in Strezimir is about 14 kilometers and it takes around 45 minutes.

While getting to the border tower, you have to get permission from the border police to do this hike because it borders Albania. Remember to take your passport. I’ve read that sometimes the border tower is closed, but don’t worry, you can continue your hike.

Next to the border tower is located a parking lot. Behind the parking there is a sign, which is a starting point of the trail to the top of the mountain.

We arrived to Trnica the day before to rest and gather energy for the following day. Next day we got up early, and we arrived in Strezimir about 8.00 am. I recommend this option.

The border tower 'Pobeda' – Strezimir
The border tower ‘Pobeda’ – Strezimir
Starting point of the trail to the top of Mount Korab
Starting point of the trail to the top of Mount Korab
On the hiking trail

From the border tower the hike is about 20 km with 1400 m ascent/descent. It starts with a short hike through forest. After that, there’s no shadow anymore. There is a sheep farm on the way, about 2 kilometers from the border tower.

The first 7 kilometers are basically only uphill and goes through pastures and meadows. Sometimes the route leads through the relatively flat terrain. The last 2 km is a relentless climbing. For me, the last 500 meters was the most difficult. My legs were tired and hurt. It took us 1 hour. Unbelievable!

The complete hike took us 7 hours (5 hours of climbing, and 2 hours of climbing down), including three short breaks. It wasn’t very difficult, however sometimes it was really tough. But views are magnificent and compensate the effort.

The route is well-signed with red-white marking. You can’t get lost.

The route is well-signed with red-white marking
The route is well-signed with red-white marking
The interesting fact

In the weekend closest to the Independence Day of Macedonia (September 8), there is organized the traditional climbing of the Mount Korab.

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