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Slovenia attractions

We are a few days after our wedding. The honeymoon will be only in October. It is a beginning of August and it is a lot of time till October. What are we waiting for? – I thought. It is a good time to taking advantage of an opportunity of a long August weekend. After 11 hours of driving, with short break in Bratislava, finally we have arrived at Slovenia. That was power of 10. Beautiful views, peace, and no crowd.

Slovenia is a country which just starts to open for tourism. Until now, I didn’t find any offer of cheap flight tickets to Ljubljana. What’s a pity! Slovenia has a lot to offer. Beautiful views, crystal clear water, delicious food, kind and helpful citizens (and, most importantly, they speak English fluently). And do you know something about Slovenia attractions? 

When is the best time to visit Slovenia

As you certainly know, Slovenia lies in southern Central Europe. It is bordered by Italy to the west (I recommend an one-day trip to Venice), Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia to the southeast.

Slovenia lies in moderate climate. It means that you can visit it during the whole year. As well sunbathing lovers and snow lovers, find a lot of attractions for themselves. Everything depends on what are you going to do and see in Slovenia.

Between May and September should visit Slovenia sunbathing and swimming lovers. Concededly Slovenia is not a popular touristic resort as a neighboring Croatia, nevertheless, in my opinion, it is a big plus because there is no crowd. Additionally, I recommend this time to people who want to actively visit and explore attractions of this country. And how will you see later, Slovenia has a lot to offer.

For people who love skiing and mountain climbing, the best time to visit Slovenia is between December and March. You find there well prepared a ski infrastructure with many good gastronomic and lodging points. The most popular ski resorts are: Krajnika Gora, Areh, Rogla, and Kope. I recommend also Planica, where you find complex of famous ski jumps, and known winter sport center. If you are interested of ski jumps, Planica is a place where is located popular ski flying hill, one of the highest ski jumps named Letalnica.

How to move around Slovenia

I don’t know how public transportation in Slovenia looks like because from Poland to Slovenia we got by our car. I think the best option on how to move around Slovenia is by car. Roads are in good condition, the most important places of interests are well signed, there is no crazy drivers. Without problems you can find a car parking, close to many attractions, or to place of your stay.

If you planning a journey to Slovenia by car and you are going to drive through expressways and highways, you should buy a vignette. Its cost depends on a kind of vehicle and length of stay. A 7-days vignette costs 15 EUR, a monthly 30 EUR, and annual 110 EUR. If you get to Slovenia by motorbike the cost is twice cheaper. The vignette you can purchase in many places in Slovenia: shops, kiosks, and petrol stations. Also, you can buy it in neighboring countries, about 30-40 kilometers to Slovene border.

Accommodation in Slovenia

Although Slovenia is not as touristic as other European countries, there is no problem with finding there accommodation, but sometimes prices are not low. As I mentioned earlier, easily you can find a room with private parking if you planning a journey by car. Often, in total price you have included breakfast.

All my reservation I made earlier via Below I share with you places which I recommend to stay. Additionally, you should add 1,74 EUR per person of environmental tax to each booking.

  1. Close to Bled Lake

Sobe Krona – 52,5 EUR double room

Zgornja Lipnica 28 e, Radovljica, Slovenia

  1. Nova Gorica

Guest House Sterk – 50 EUR double room

Ajsevica 13, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

  1. Logatec

Guesthouse Jersin – 39,60 EUR double room

Cankarjeva 1, Logatec, Slovenia

  1. Close to Ljubljana

Penzion Gostlina Keber – 55 EUR double room

112 Ljubljanska cesta, Domzale, Slovenia


Top 10 of the greatest Slovenia attractions

1. Lake Bled

The showcase of Slovenia is a famous Lake Bled with a small island with a church. A lot of tourists came here to admire this amazing landscape.

I recommend spending here minimum one day to visit all the attractions which it offers. 

Lake Bled - Slovenia
Lake Bled – Slovenia
Blejski otok and church

If you are in Bled, certainly you want to reach Blejski otok, where you can find a church with a wishing bell. According to a legend, you should make a wish before ring a bell, and believe it will come true.

To Blejski otok you can get by rental boat. I think is the best option, especially if you can additionality cruise across the lake. Paddling will be an attraction for you. The price of renting a boat is 10 EUR for 1 hour. Another option is buying a ticket for a wooden colorful boat known as pletna.

Lake Bled and a view of Blejski otok
Lake Bled and a view of Blejski otok
Lake Bled viewpoints 

If you want to admire the beautiful landscape of Lake Bled, church, castle, and mountains, I recommend getting to one of many available viewpoints. The most popular with characteristic bench is Ojstrica (611 m. a.s.l.). Close to it is located Mala Osojnica (685 m. a.s.l.) and Vielka Osojnica (765 m. a.s.l.). I recommend a walk there during sunrise.

Blejski Grad

One of the oldest castle in Slovenia is a famous Blejski Grad. It was built at the top of the rock above a lake. Currently inside the castle is located a museum. In the evening the castle is lighted beautifully.

Blejski grad w Słowenii
Blejski grad w Słowenii
A famous kremna rezina (kremsnita)

Being at the lake, you can’t miss a delicious cream cake named kremna rezina. 

Famous slovenian cream cake named kremna rezina
Famous slovenian cream cake named kremna rezina
2. Gorge close to Lake Bled

About 5 kilometers away from Lake Bled, towards the Austrian border, is located the Vintgar gorge. It is situated within the Triglav National Park. I recommend one hour walk through the gorge, along Radovna River. At the end of the walk, you find a little waterfall. It’s a popular attraction. A cost for an adult is 10 EUR. Just leave your car at car parking and walk ahead until finding the ticket office. If you don’t want to pay 5 EUR for a car parking, leave your car earlier (go steeply up, not down to a car parking). The gorge opening hours: April and Mau from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, June from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm, July and August from 7.00 am to 8 pm, September from 8.00 am to 6 pm, and October and November from 9.00 am to 4 pm.

More information you can find at the official website:

A walk through the Vintgar gorge
A walk through the Vintgar gorge
A walk through the Vintgar gorge along Radovna River
A walk through the Vintgar gorge along Radovna River
At the end of the walk you can find a small waterfall
At the end of the walk you can find a small waterfall
3. Lake Bohinj

The second popular and in my opinion the best place in Slovenia is located about 30 kilometers away from Lake Bled. The place where you can admire outstanding views as well as sunbathe and swim.

At the Lake Bohinj is possible to rent a canoe, boat or paddleboad. There are a few rental companies. We decided to take a canoe. The price for one hour was 10 EUR. I recommend! 

The beautiful Lake Bohinj
The beautiful Lake Bohinj
At Lake Bohinj is possible to rent a canoe, boat or paddleboard
At Lake Bohinj is possible to rent a canoe, boat or paddleboard
The legend of Goldenhorn at Lake Bohinj
The legend of Goldenhorn at Lake Bohinj
4. Solkan Bridge over Soca River

The next worth visiting place is the stone Solkan Bridge over emerald Soca River. It is located in Solkan, between Tolmin and Gorizia. The bridge is 220-meters long and it became the world’s longest stone bridge. Solkan Bridge was originally built between 1900 and 1905 by the architect Rudolf Jaussner and engineer Leopold Oerley. The interesting fact is that the bridge is built of more than 4 500 stone blocks. Unfortunately, in 1916 the bridge was destroyed by Austrian soldiers. In 1926 it was rebuilt. Nowadays, through the Solkan Bridge leads a railway from Jesenice to Gorizia.

Solkan Bridge over emerald Soca River
Solkan Bridge over emerald Soca River
5. Soca River

Will you have more free time in Slovenia? If yes, I recommend spending it at the Soca River, where you can find crystal clear and emerald waters. It is the best place to sunbathe, swim, and .. rafting.

Soca River in Slovenia
Soca River in Slovenia

6. Piran

Although the Slovenian coast is small, we had a problem with choosing a place which we want to visit. Finally, we picked Piran and it was a good choice. Even though Piran is one of the most touristic places on the coast, it has own climate and it is beautiful, especially during sunset. The interesting fact is that its architecture reminds one of Venice. 

7. Ljubljana

When we got to Ljubljana, we were surprised how small is this city. But don’t worry, you can find there a lot of attractions. I would like to write another post about Ljubljana, but I can tell you right now that Ljubljana is an amazing and beautiful city.

8. Predjamski grad

Predjama grad is a four-floor castle perched in the middle of a 123-meter-high cliff. Originally, the castle was built under a natural rocky arch high in the stone wall to make access to it difficult. It has a network of secret tunnels, which served the knight Erazem of Predjama setting out on his plundering expeditions. Predjama castle is listed as one of the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest cave castle.

It is possible to enter the castle. The ticket costs 14,90 E in high season and 13,80 EUR out of season. You can also visit the cave under the castle. It costs 10,90 EUR in season, and 9,90 EUR out of season, but it is open only from May to September. In other months it is closed because of a colony of bats. You can also buy combined ticket with a visit to Postojna Cave for 35,70 EUR. 

More information you can find here.

Predjama castle in Slovenia
Predjama castle in Slovenia
A view of Predjama castle
A view of Predjama castle
9. Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is considered one of the world’s beautiful caves. Here you can find real natural brilliants –  cave formations and baby dragons, little creatures, which live in caves and can survive 10 years without food. 

During cave exploration you will have chance to wander through its tunnels and take an unforgettable ride on Postojna Cave’s underground train. In high season the ticket costs 27,90 EUR and 25,80 EUR out of season

Unfortunately, finally, we didn’t get to cave.

10. Skocjan Caves

Skocjan caves are located in the south-western part of the country, near the Skocjan village. To get to them, firstly, go to the Park’s Information Centre and buy a ticket.

The caves consist of a system of limestone caves with a total length of over 5 km of underground routes (less than 3 km are available for visitors), many bridges, waterfalls, an underground river and the largest underground canyon in Europe.

The price depends on type of the tour you choose and the time of your travel. More information you can find at the official website:

Have you ever been to Slovenia? Which places did you like the most? If you have other interesting places,share with us in the comment below!

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